Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jajah VoIP

The next VoIP service provider that I would like to introduce is Jajah Web, founded by Roman Scharf and Danile Mattes of Austria in 2005. Jajah contrasts to other VoIP services in that calls can be placed via the user’s PC through the internet to conventional landline or mobile telephones without having to download any software. In this way, Jajah can offer very competitive prices that can be lower than most other standard telephony providers. Free calls can be placed from Jajah user to Jajah user within the USA, Canada, much of Asia, most of Europe and to many other countries throughout the world.

In 2007, Jajah Direct was introduced to the service package, enabling users to place calls without having to use a computer. By using any phone, Jajah users can make long-distance or global calls by first dialling a local number which are then assigned to the long-distance / international number. However, the main disadvantage with Jajah Direct is that it is not possible to place free calls to other Jajah users.

Jajah finances its services by asking customers to pay at least once every six weeks a minimum of $10 in order to retain the free calls option. Those chargeable calls will of course be deducted from the credit paid in advance. If customers choose not to pay, the free calls option becomes invalid and Jajah charges the normal rates accordingly.

For more pricing and geographical information, please see Jajah free calls.

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  1. Thanks for this brief description about Jajah, Its quite informative and convincing, I am Vopiumuser and quite satisfied with its premium voice quality and its Sync feature, But i'll try Jajah, because of your post.

  2. I have tried most of the VoIP applications i.e. Jajah, Truephone,Vopium,Fring and Nimbuzz and found that more or less all of them are offering the same calling rates only thing matter is features /add-ons. Overcome with Jajah and Truephone iPod plug-in to convert it into communication device and Vopium mobile backup service. Nokia and skype partnership will defiantly change the future of VoIP industry.