Monday, April 27, 2009

Vbuzzer from Softroute

A convenient and compact instant messenger from Softroute is its Vbuzzer, a VoIP and messaging software including PC-PC, Phone-to-PC VoIP telephony well as a paid PC-Phone service. Calls from Vbuzzer to Vbuzzer (PC-PC) users are always free, anywhere in the world. There is a charge however for those who place calls or “Buzz out” to non-members. The rates are for the most part affordable, beginning as low as 1 Cent / minute for internationally placed calls. A charge of $7.99 per month allows for unlimited calls in the USA and Canada or $ 5.49 a month for unlimited BuzzOuts within Canada alone.

The all-in-one messaging software also offers some small conveniences like Internet fax, RSS, video conferencing, integration of the MSN, Yahoo!, AIM and ICQ messengers, caller ID, voice mail, personalized greetings and ring tones. Video conferences and online meetings can also be easily organized directly through Vbuzzer’s interactive and secure web host.

An interesting feature for Vbuzzer’s Internet fax is the assigning of a fax number to receive faxes directly through the messenger, thus enabling free faxing to any fax machine in the USA, Canada and China.

If you have an iPhone, Nokia E61, Nokia E51 or smart phone, low cost mobile VoIP calling is also made possible when configured accordingly and when using Windows Mobiles OS.

For small business usage, your existing PBX system can be configured to attain a full featured PBX at nearly no cost. Vbuzzer’s VoIP is also SIP compatible, enabling you to use your own VoIP device when combined with adaptors like the Linksys PAP2 or Cisco ATA for example.

Just one of many free instant messaging clients, Vbuzzer has never become very popular and is more widespread among users in Canada. But for those located there, it is possible to use Vbuzzer exclusively for all telephony needs, replacing the conventional landline services if desired. Another small bonus for users purchasing credits – secure credit card or PayPal payments through an encrypted online payment gateway.

Compact and easy to use, Vbuzzer does offer an alternative for those interested in a simple and clean interface with relatively good priced long distance and international VoIP telephony rates.

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