Saturday, February 21, 2009

Definition of "Free"

Ok, I’m not going to beat around the bush. The entire purpose of this blog is to promote some products that I would like to integrate on the main page over the next several weeks in the form of banners. Some of them you can see already …

The product that I am promoting at the moment is – free calls inside the United States and Canada to landline and cell phone numbers. Ok, you caught me … the name of the blog is a dead giveaway, but I will nevertheless provide information on related issues as well as information covering VoIP products and services.

Again, I would like to invite my readers to apply to post whatever you would like to write on these (or related) subjects, critical or otherwise. Please be reminded, all posts will be screened, so, spammers & scammers, no chances here!!

I would also like to encourage you to suggest ANYTHING that you might find to be related – I am invariably open to new sources, products and services, so please feel free to “call in” and write me an email!

So, moving along, I would like to define the following word:


As an Adjective

1. To be able to act according to your will; to not be hindered, blocked or obstructed in any way; the state of not being under any compulsion or restraint as in "free enterprise", "a free port" or "a free country"; a state of availability as in "I have an hour free at lunch"; to be able to choose according to wish as in "free will"; the absence of detrimental factors as in "free of racism".
2. Costing nothing; "free calls"; "free software"; "free resources".
3. When something or someone is not occupied or in use; "a free telephone line"; "a free lane"; "Sandra is now free to answer your questions".
4. No longer fixed in a position; "the boxer got his teeth knocked free"; "the cat pulled his tail free and ran".
5. To not be bound by timed activities or being in the state of availability; "I only have one hour free before I have my next meeting"; "When will you be free to take on the next group of tourists?"
6. An indirect translation or loosely defined meaning; "she told a free interpretation of her story to the police"; "please give me a free interpretation of the story".

As an Adverb

1. Not having restraint; "describe freely what you felt during the opera”.

As a Noun

1. People who are free; "the prisoners that escaped last night are free".


1. To release someone or something from constraint; "Please free the animals from the traps".
2. Providing relief; "Free the house of cockroaches".
3. To remove something with force; "She freed herself from the clutches of death".
4. Permission to be exempted from rules or guidelines; "He was freed from having to take the exams".

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