Monday, March 16, 2009


Introduced in the Spring of 2008, the new VoIP call-by-call service from goober Networks, Inc. now offers services to simplify long distance or international calls. gooberCall promises to save up to 96% on international calls from just about anywhere. Especially interesting, is its use for cell phone owners where it is not required to change the calling plan, switch SIM cards or to undergo any other bothersome procedures.

For most modern cell and iPhone owners, a free software package is available for download. Once installed, callers can enjoy the comforts of gooberCall’s new SpeedDial function where calls can be placed with the push of a button and thus avoid the hassles of the usually cumbersome procedure of first entering the call-by-call provider’s number and then entering the recipients number. For those with Windows Mobile, gooberCall’s software automatically integrates itself into the existing address book.

For those with less modern cell phones, callers can benefit from gooberCall’s extremely low rates by dialing a pre-defined number (which of course can usually be set as a quick dial number on most cell phones too) without downloading any software.

For all users however, it is first required to register the phone at gooberCall. After registration, a text message will be sent to the user’s cell phone containing the code to download the software. A starting credit of $ 2.00 is rewarded to those registering for the first time. The account can be topped up at any time via PayPal or most major credit cards to avoid an abrupt interruption of the call in the case that there are not enough credits. If however, the credits have been used up in the middle of a conversation, a simple pressing of a button can top up the balance instantaneously.

With rates beginning at approximately 3 cents per minute, gooberCall’s service can provide an extremely cost effective alternative to most calling cards, and best of all, while underway from the users’ own cell or landline phone.

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